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Wedding Cakes

Wedding Cakes

It's not a wedding without CAKE!  We customize all of our wedding cakes and cupcakes to our customers design and budget.  With lots of options including, cake, cupcakes, pies, cheesecakes, cake bites, and cookies, we have something delicious your guests will LOVE!   We can deliver and set up  your cake or dessert table too!  We've delivered locally here in Nixa and as far as Stockton Lake and Shell Knob.

Call us for a FREE consultation to try our amazing made-from-scratch flavors.  Don't forget, we offer a free 6" freshly made cake to pick up on your first anniversary!  Bring your pictures and ideas and we'll get started assisting you with your dream wedding!

Here's a list of some popular flavor combinations our brides and grooms have recommend:

-Strawberries and Champage cake with fresh strawberry and cream cheese filling

-Mocha cake with Salted Caramel Filling               -Tiramisu Cake with Cappuccino filling

-Classic white with fresh strawberry filling                       -Vanilla almond cake with raspberry filling

-Chocolate cake with chocolate ganache filling                      -Lemon cake with Blueberry filling

But of course you can mix and match your favorite cake and fillings and don't forget - they're ALL THE SAME PRICE!  Check out a full list under the MENU tab above.  

Blingy Two Tier

This bride and groom chose bling for the accents on their buttercream wedding cake.  Two flavors and fillings were chosen. They accented this cake with a full sheet cake to serve all of their guests. 

Vintage Design

Simple scrollwork on this buttercream vintage cake was perfect for this couples wedding at Mrs. Gillmores Carriage House.  

Cake and Cupcake Wedding

This couple wanted the best of both worlds!  Cake AND cupcakes!  With a custom topper and lots of flavors, it was a perfect combination! This was delivered to The Veridian in downtown Springfield.  

Cherry Blossom Wedding

Perfect for a spring wedding!  Pink fondant cherry blossom adorn this buttercream square wedding cake.  

Simple Square Elegance

Fresh flowers and a silver M finish off this simple elegant square buttercream wedding cake.  


Love is all around with this simple black and white two tiered wedding cake.  

Naked wedding cake

Fresh fruit filling paired with vanilla and lemon cake is the star of this creation.  Adorned with fresh berries and flowers, naked cakes are on trend right now! Delivered and set up at a church in Lebanon. 

Rustic elegance

Completely covered in buttercream, this four tier cake features four different flavors of cake and filling picked out by the bride and groom.  We delivered this to Creeds Town Weddings and Events.

Modern black and white

Black tree branches climb this square buttercream cake so elegantly, it's almost too pretty to eat...all most...

Peacock elegance

This four tiered peacock inspired cake was beautiful and delicious with four completely different flavors.  Blingy topper and feathers make it extra special for the bride.  We delivered and set this up at a resort in Shell Knob, Mo.  

Four tier Rustic Elegance

This beautiful four tiered cake was sitting atop a tree stump found on locaiton and adorned with baby's breath and moss.  The cake featured a custom wooden topper featuring Missouri and Oklahoma, and adorned with wooden flowers and beautiful ribbon hand picked by the bride.  This was delivered to Stockton Lake.  

Separate square simplicity

These four cakes sat seperated and  adorned with different buttercream styles and finished off with gorgeous fresh flowers.  The main cake featured two doves supplied by the bride and groom.  

Elegant blue and grey Wedding

Simple smooth buttercream and grey and bue ribboon make this square wedding cake super elegant.  Love the glass blue birds and simple silk flowers provided by the bride.  

Fall sunflowers

Fresh sunflowers adorn this beautiful simple buttercream cake delivered to the Hilton Garden Inn.  Each tier features elegant scrollwork and light blue ribbon.  We had the pleasure of making their shower cake, which matched, and their rehearsal dinner cake!  

Beachy simplicity

Real seashells adorned this simple beachy cake.  Light texture and carved initials make this extra special for our bride and groom.  We can also make this cake with fondant or chocolate shells.  

Elegant Roses

This cake was featured in this couples outdoor wedding.  Fresh roses and simple texture adorn this three tiered cake.  Instead of a grooms cake we featured a tower of delicious cupcakes in a variety of flavors.  We also had the pleasure of making this couples anniversary cake AND their baby shower cake!  

Rustic Birch Tree

Rough buttercream texture and a mix of some chocolate ganache help make this birch tree come to life!  Adorned with silk sunflowers. The grooms cake was a Cardinals hat a baseball.  

Burlap and Lace

This simplistic two tier stands out with lace covered burlap and a light texture buttercream.  Custom topper provided by customer completes the look.  Gorgeous outdoor venue.  

Leaves and flowers

This unique design requested by the bride and groom was perfect for their rustic elegant reception.  Fondant leaves and flowers adorn the top and bottom tiers, while grape vine circles the middle tier.  This was delivered to the beautiful Barn at Stone Valley Plantation.  

Simplistic Pearls

This square three tier adorned with rustic texture buttercream features a simple single strand of pearls around each layer.  Perfect for a fall wedding at the Springfield Boathouse.  

Pink Roses

Simple two tier featuring textured buttercream, satin pink ribbon and fresh pink roses and petals make this creation a perfect addition to any wedding.  

Gluten Free beauty

This gluten free two tier was a perfect addition to their wedding at Rogers and Baldwin downtown.  Featuring fresh flowers and textured buttercream, this was not only beautiful but made gluten free so the bride could enjoy her cake!  

Western elegance

Chocolate buttercream covered this western theme three tier.  Complete with fondant belt and pearls this was perfect for this couple's rustic reception.  

Mario Brothers Wedding

The couple that games together...stays together!  This fondant covered three tier creation  features different designs for each tier and is adorned with cute figurines from the game. Reception location (1984 downtown) completed the gaming theme wedding.  

Assortment of Cakes

This couple wanted several flavors of cakes and simple decor.  We elected to make them "to taste" so they looked yummy and flavorfull.  Reception was held at Affinity Ballroom and included free delivery!  

Cascading Rosettes

This delicate three tier was adorned with buttercream rosettes in blush pink and white and cascaded down the side to cause a dramatic, yet delicate effect.  

Filigree piping detail

This beautiful unique three tier cake featured delicate piping detail on the top and bottom tiers with a burlap rustic sash and bow on the middle tier.  Reception held at Samuel Cedars.  

Elegant Scrollwork

This tiered beauty featured elegant scroll work on all three tiers.  Look was completed with a porcelain topper.  Couple added a fun tree stump grooms cake.  Reception held at Savoy Ballroom.  

Fondant flower assortment

This couple chose a fun dramatic cake for their reception in Branson.  A huge assortment of hand made fondant flowers adorned the front of this three cake creating a stunning effect. 

Offset Elegance

This square offset beauty featured burplap ribbon and flowers.  Rustic buttercream set the stage for a dramatic effect.  Reception held at Affinity Ballroom and featured free delivery and set up.  

Rustic naked cake

A very light layer of buttercream set the stage for this beautiful naked three tiered cake.  Adorned with beige and blue silk flowers, a custom topper completed the look for this cake delivered to Rock Springs Farm in Republic   

Simple and timeless

Smooth layers of buttercream covered this timeless three tiered cake.  Adorned with ruffled chocolate color ribbon and beautiful roses on top, this design is perfect for any wedding reception.   Delivered and set up at Samuel Cedars.  

Cupcake Tower

Such a beautiful display at the Historic Firehouse on Commercial street!  This fun couple chose a small tier for cutting their infamous first slice of cake, and a tower of peanut butter and apple spice cupcakes for their guests.  This stand is available for rent as well as a variety of other ones.  

Art Deco Wedding

Art Deco was the theme for this fun wedding cake.  Covered in white and gold buttercream and lined with black ribbon and hand made sugar flowers, it was the perfect center piece for their special day!  

Vintage Lace and pearls

This gorgeous four tier beauty featured buttercream rosettes, edible lace, ruffles and pearls adorned with fresh flowers.  This cake was paried with a fireman hat and hose for their grooms cake as well as their anniersary tier in ruffles. Delivered and set up at the Hilton Garden Inn in Springfield.   Such a fun and beautiful couple!  This 20" silver stand is also available for rent. 

Ruffled Anniversary tier

When you book your wedding with us, you have a choice of receiving your FREE anniversary tier on your wedding day to freeze or come back in a year and receive a freshly baked one.  Here, the bride and groom displayed their coordinating anniversary tier.  

The Diva and the Cowboy

This cute two tier featured textured buttercream and burlap ribbon.  Custom shoe toppers showed off this cute couples personality.  Sheet cakes were decorated to match to accomodate their large reception at the Savoy Ballroom.

Wildflowers and Cupcakes

This couple wanted all kinds of flavors! They chose a simple one tier cake for cutting, and then a tower of cupcakes in various flavors. Set up at Samuel Cedars in Rogersville. 

Ivory and Blush

This adorable fondant covered cake was the top layer of this couples cupcake tower.  Featuring draped fondant and delicate lace piping detail, the star of the show was the hand made blush flower on top.  The cupcakes featured custom liners and fondant flowers and pearls.

Matching Ivory and Blush cupcakes

These cupcakes matched the top tier of the cupcake tower.  Featuring fondant flowers and custom liners, they were perfect for this ivory and blush wedding. 

Roses and lace

This cute young couple wanted to incorporate his style in to the cake...only slightly.  With fresh flowers and lace covering each tier, we hid the grooms favorite character, Wolverine, on the bottom tier.  

Texture and Roses

The star of this three tiered cake were the gorgeous purple roses.  Covered in buttercream, textured on top and bottom layers, the middle layer featured the couples initials.  Hidden on the back of this cake, to pay homage to the groom, was the Harley Davidson Logo. 

Purple Blossoms

Fondant purple blossoms were the star for this square three tiered cake.  Purple ribbon and simple piping add just the right amount of drama.  Silver monogram was chosen by the happy couple. 

Purple Calla Lillies

This simple and elegant three tiered square cake featured smooth buttercream, purple and blingy ribbon, and  hand made sugar calla lillies.  Beautiful topper chosen by the couple. Perfect for their lakeside wedding at The Springfield Boathouse. 

Black White and Red

Different tier heights create a dramatic effect for this four tier cake. Buttercream ruffles, red sugar flower, fondant, and brushed embroidery piping make this elegant cake the perfect center piece for your special day.  

Offset Rustic Elegance

This textured buttercream cake features offset square tiers, burlap ribbon and lace, and burlap flowers.  Perfect for that country wedding! 


This gorgeous reception featured at Timberline Barn focused on rustic elegance.  The couple chose a rosette covered three tier cake in three different flavors adorned with burlap roses.  

Simple and Rustic

This simple rustic textured three tiered cake features a burlap string border and simple fall colored flowers.  Can be replicated with any ribbon and any color flower.

Rustic Lace and Flowers

This gorgeous three tiered cake featured three delicious flavors for a perfect vintage themed wedding: Apple spice, Lemon Raspberry, and German Chocolate.  Decorated with textured buttercream and custom ribbon, pearls, and flowers it was as beautiful as it was delicious.  

Vintage Rosettes

This stunning four tier cake is all buttercream!  Rosettes and ruffles add to the vintage design and dusty pink and ivory pearls complete the look.  Pinks and golds are very on trend right now in weddings, and we can make you cake match your theme perfectly!  

Ruffles and more Ruffles!

This unique cake features pleated fondant on the square bottom tier, and butterceram ruffles in different directions to add a super dramatic, yet elegant effect.  White on white is very classic and traditional with a contemporary shape and design.  

Satin and Pearls

This white all buttercream cake features a light texture with shades of pink from the wedding colors, satin ribbon and gorgeous flowers with draping white pearls.  Very classy and elegant.  

Rosettes and Ribbon

This beautiful three tiered wedding cake featured three different flavors, covered in buttercream and decorated with  matching ribbon and buttercream rosettes.  

Rosettes and Bling

This 6" cake on top of a 12" cake featured rosettes on bottom, blingy ribbon and top to create a simple but elebant look.  

Chocolate Cherry Blossoms

This two tiered cake was covered in chocolate buttercream and featured fondant cherry blossoms.  

Buttercream scollwork

This beautiful 3 tiered cake, delivered the Historic Firehouse on Commercial Street, is covered in our signature buttercream and features tight scrollwork.  Simple and elegant design.

Rosettes and Ruffles

This gorgeous two tiered wedding cake features multi colored coral buttercream rosettes and ivory ruffles with pearl accents.  One of our favorites!  

Navy and Bling

3 Tiered square buttercream cake features white scrollwork and a navy and blingy ribbon.  Simple and Elegant set up at Swan Creek Chapel in Sparta.  

Ruffles and Ruffles

This two ter cake features 3 layers of cake on each tier, horizontal and vertical ruffles in buttercream and silk flowers and pearls. Would be perfect for a wedding or a golden anniversary

Wedding Tier and Cupcakes

This is all the range right now...small tier to cut for pictures and an assortment of cupackes for your guests!  All of our flavors and fillings are the same price so this is a great way to get the best bang for your buck!  We delivered this and set up at Swan Creek Chapel.  

Four tiers of yummy goodness

Four tiers of yummy cake and filling flavors covered in a textured buttercream with fresh gorgeous roses was the perfect center piece for this elegant wedding at Haseltine Estates in Springfield.  

Bling and texture

This three tier cake, featured at our Metropolitain Bridal Expo event this year, is covered in textured buttercream, popular navy and bling ribbon, and accetned with hot pink flowers.  

Texture and Rosettes

Three tiers of delicious buttercream covered this awesome cake.  Textured lines and rosettes with fresh fall flowers are perfect for this fun couple's wedding at 910 Ballroom.

Texture and watercolor

The ever popular water color technique is used again here at our display cake for the Metropolitain Bridal Event.  Ribbon for the top tier, water color design in buttercream for the middle tier and a textured buttercream for the bottom.  

So many Flavors!!

This three tiered cake features 3 different cake and filling flavors AND cupcakes in three different flavors, AND a grooms cake in another flavor!  Delivered to Timberline Barn in Bolivar.  Call us today to set up your free consultation.

Simple and Classic

On trend cake and cupcakes display for a wedding in Willard.  Navy blue was the accent color and pair perfectly with this design.

Love birds

This beautiful three tier cake featured three amazing flavors, covered in our signature buttercream, and simply decorated with fresh flowers and two custom birds on top.  Delivered and set up at Venue 481 in Marshfield. 

Sugar Flowers

This beautiful simple 3 tier featured smooth buttercream with scrollwork on the middle tier, navy ribbon and hand made fondant calla lillies.  This was such a fun couple to work with!  

Blush and Gold

This adorable three tier cake features different size tiers, buttercream rosettes, gold sequins and an ultra smooth top tier.  

Strawberries and Champagne Naked Cake

The delicious combination of strawberries and champagne cake with fresh strawberry and cream cheese filling is perfect for the naked cake design!  Garnished with sugared strawberries, blueberries and raspberries...need I say more?  We delivered this to one of my favorite venues: the Barn at StoneValley Plantation.  

Textured Greenery

Super elegant, yet simple design of textured buttercream and pearls adorned with greenery and cream colored flowers.  

Contemporary Black and Red

This represents a great way to add your wedding colors to your cake!  Black and red ribbons decorate this smooth buttercream covered squared tiered cake.  

Rustic Cake/Cupcake combo

Super great way to add lots of flavors to your wedding...6" cake to cut for pictures and serve your wedding party, and lots and lots of awesome flavored cupcakes for your guests!  This is also a great way to get the most out of your budget!  We delivered this to the Ritzy Ranch in Bolivar.  

Whimsical Wedding

This super awesome design was created by the bride...fondant ruffled petals in her signature color are covering the top tier and a gold, copper, and rose gold water color technique in buttercream adorns the bottom.  

Rosettes and Watercolor

This beautiful 3 tiered cake had lots of awesome features...Buttercream rosettes on the bottom in blush and cream, water color design on the middle tier and gold ribbons adorn the top.  Such a fun bride.  Delivered to 425 Downtown.  

Plum and Cream 2 Tier

This gorgeous 2 tier cake was delivered to The Veridian in downtown Springfield, and was accompanied by 500 cake truffles placed on the place setting for each guest.  Great way to get lots of flavor variety and you don't have to cut cake slices for each guest!  

Blush and Lace`

Super new technique using edible lace to decorate this simple blush buttercream covered cake.  Decorated with fresh roses and set up at Piccolo's restaurant in Nixa.  

Travel theme

Love love love this theme!  The set up at the Hotel Vandivort was so unique and aweome.  With hand piped details on the top tier of this 6" cake and so many awesome flavors of cupcakes, this was one FUN wedding! 

Semi-naked awesomeness

This super fun couple hosted their reception at the Old Towne Event Center in Republic and had lots of options for their guests!  2 tiered semi naked chocolate cake, assorted cupcakes and lots and lots of cookies.  Dessert tables are certainly popular right now and we can help with all the goodies!  Call today to set up a FREE consultation! 

Beautiful Fall Rustic Wedding

Hand painted fondant covered this tasty 6" cake to resemble a peeling birch tree and was accompanied by an assortment of fall colored cupcakes.  Delivered and set up at Swan Creek Chapel.

Ombre Snowflakes

This beautiful winter themed wedding cake was adorned with handmade snowflakes in ombre colors of blues.  

Rustic Sunflowers

This gorgeous three tiered cake was delivered to Timber Line Barn in Buffalo, and adorned with burlap, ribbon, and silk sunflowers.  It was accompanied by sunflower decorated cupcakes and an "air conditioner" grooms cake. 

Tastes as good as it looks!

This super yummy semi-naked wedding cake is dripped with our rich chocolate ganache and adorned with sugared berries.  

Simple Greenery

This beautiful 3 tiered cake is covered in our made from scratch buttercream and given a light line texture with fresh greenery.  Very on trend right now! 

Smooth and simple

Sometimes just simple is perfect. This buttercream covered cake is adorned with a simple flower and made the perfect addition to any wedding.  All our cakes can be customed to fit your wedding colors and flowers.  

Semi-naked cake

This on trend semi-naked cake is adorned with fresh wine colored flowers and babys breath.  Delivered to StoneGate Glass chapel in Branson.  

Cake and Cupcakes

The perfect way to serve a lot of people for a simple budget.  We can provide a 6" top tier and an assortment of awesomely flavored cupakes! 

Blush and Bashful

This gorgous three tiered cake is covered in our amazing buttercream, textured with rosettes and watercolor lines, and adorned with cascading lillies, roses, and greenery.