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Why Choose TwentyOne Cakes? !

Welcome to TwentyOne Cakes! We specialize in unique cakes with a variety of great flavors and choice of decadent fillings. We bake all of our cakes and frostings from scratch and have a delicious flavor you won't find anywhere else! We don't use preservatives in our cakes, and you can pronounce every ingredient!  We aim to please a wide variety of customers...those looking for a specialty themed cake for a wedding, birthday, or shower, or those needing a dozen cupcakes in a fabulous flavor for an afternoon luncheon.  Stop by our shop to enjoy your treat with our free wifi and have a cup of coffee!  

Why are we called TwentyOne Cakes? Well, we offer 21 amazing cake flavors! But it's more than just that. In our family the number 21 is extra special. My son Simon has Down syndrome, which means he has an extra copy of his 21st chromosome. Our family is very involved in the Down syndrome community and it's a goal that through our business, we can help bring acceptance, tolerance, and awareness of Down syndrome to our community.  We also donate a portion of each sale to a local charity, The Down Syndrome Group of the Ozarks.  We're quite proud of our Simon and are happy to answer any questions you have about Down syndrome.  


Frequently Asked Questions!

What are your hours? We are open Tuesday through Friday, 11-6 and Saturday 11-5

Where are you located? 210 E. Mount Vernon St, in Nixa.  Which is due east of Main street on Hwy 14/Mt. Vernon. 

I googled 21 Cakes and it says you’re in Arizona?  HA!  That’s another bakery not affiliated with us.  She’s a custom cupcake/bakery in Scottsdale, Arizona. 

Why are you called TwentyOne Cakes? We are named after Trisomy 21, which is more commonly called: Down syndrome.  When our youngest son Simon was born with Down syndrome Annie stayed home to care for him and started baking and baking! She found she had a knack for it and began taking orders from friends and family.  Her popularity quickly outgrew our home kitchen, and we purchased this building.  Markus (who also owns his own company, Code Scientists) is a programmer, and spent 6 long months renovating this building to bring it up to commercial standards.  We wanted our bakery to stand out from others and mean something.  So we named it after Simon to bring more awareness to Down syndrome and promote acceptance of people with all abilities! 

What’s the difference in wedding white cake and vanilla?  White wedding cake uses all egg whites and believe it or not, sprite, it the batter.  This yields a lighter fluffier texture cupcake and cake.  The vanilla almond is a richer denser cake because of the use of whole eggs.  It’s more flavorful, less sweet, but rich and yummy.  Both are our own recipes we created and you won’t find another bakery with these two flavors!

What if I have an egg/milk/nut/soy/corn/gluten allergy? Well, lucky for you we bake from scratch, and can often tweak our recipes to omit certain allergens.  We always state we are not a milk/egg/nut/soy/gluten/corn free establishment, so consume at your comfort level based on the severity of your allergy. 

Do you deliver? Yes!  We deliver free to any Nixa address!  We have a very small staff, so delivery is based on availability.  Please call us several days in advance for a cupcake deliver. 

Why are your prices so much higher than Walmart? I mean…its just cake! Oh how I love this question!  And I feel more people WANT to ask it, but don’t.  Yes, we are quite a bit more expensive than Walmart, and other home bakeries for that matter.  HOWEVER, because we bake from scratch, I can tell you every ingredient that goes into our cakes.  Our cakes are made to order, so you know your cake was baked and decorated just a few days prior to you picking them up………not months and months ago and kept frozen.  We also offer many more flavors than most grocery stores.  We can cater to people with allergies because we can control what goes into the batter of each of our cakes.  We can make carved and specialty cakes that grocery stores can’t.  BUT! If you just need something for a large group of people and don’t have budget for us, that ok!  We’re still here if you do. 

Our other competitors -  home bakeries. I can’t tell you how many times some has said that their normal home bakery cancelled last minute and they’re desperate for a cake!  Because we’re a brick and mortar business, we have staff….so this has NEVER happened in the 8 years we’ve been open.  We’ve gone through car accidents, surgeries, vacations, and deaths in our families, and have never cancelled an order for any of these reasons.  We know life gets in the way, but this is one reason to go with an actual business instead of a friend…we won’t cancel on you.  Our cakes aren’t just cakes to us either…they’re art.  We spend countless hours on them to make them just right. Annie has been known at 11:30 on a Friday night to completely scrape the frosting off and start over because she didn’t like it.  We want you to be happy and we’re dedicated to make that happen. 

Do you have a culinary degree? NOPE!  Annie is completely self-taught.  She took the Wilton cake decorating class at Hobby Lobby 9 years ago and has practiced and practiced and practiced.  She follows A LOT of bakeries on Instagram and watches countless hours of cake decorating tutorials. 

You should go on cake/cupcake wars!!  NOPE NOPE NOPE!  I can make some darn good cupcakes…but 1000 in 4 hours.  Not gonna happen.  But thanks for the vote of confidence! 

What’s the difference in fondant and gum paste? Fondant is a pliable sugar dough that we roll out to cover a cake.  It’s stays pretty soft for a long time.   Gum paste is also a pliable sugar dough, but can be rolled really really thin and when it dries its similar to porcelain and will break.  Gum paste is used for animals, people, numbers, and plaques.  Fondant is used mostly to cover a cake. 

I want to learn about baking and cake decorating! Do you offer classes?  We offer private lessons.  They’re $50 for two hours with Annie and the purchase of a cupcake or cake decorating kit (prices separately).  You bake the cake and bring it in and she will teach you how to level, fill, crumb coat, and cover your cake in buttercream (we supply). Then she show you how to use the tools in your new kit to decorate your cake, make flowers, write on your cake, and make a border.  She also has some pretty cool tricks of the trade she’s learned through the years.  Dates are custom to clients and Annie’s schedule so call in advance. 

Have you ever dropped a cake!?  THANK GOD NO!  (currently knocking on wood!).  We’ve had some catastrophes….but nothing we couldn’t fix.  Annie’s motto is if it’s not on the ground…She can fix it! 

What’s your favorite bakery item:

Annie: “That’s like asking which is my favorite kid…it really depends on my mood…but probably the Elvis cupcake: banana, caramel and peanut butter

Melanie: “German Chocolate for sure!”

Autumn: “anything with chocolate…I just like chocolate!”

Mariah: "sugar cookies!!" 

Ruby: “caramel anything!”

Markus: “cheesecake baby!…with caramel…or maybe just caramel…no, cheesecake and caramel…yeah…mmmm….”


Meet our Peeps!!!

TwentyOne Cakes wouldn't be able to provide you with our awesome creation without our fabulous team!  

Annie Pope, Chief

Annie is a completely self taught cake decorator.  She took some classes at a local hobby store and another cake shop in Springfield.  She prides herself o

Melanie, Fondant Queen

Melanie is our queen of all things fondant.  From bows and stripes to animals and figurines, this gal has some serious hidden talent.  Each day she surprises us with some hidden talent she has!  Her fondant skills are insane, b

The Simonator

While he doesn't actually work at the shop, he's the inspiration behind TwentyOne Cakes.  This is Simon, he's Annie's youngest son and has been blessed with an extra 21st chromosome.  He's the reason we opened the sho

Mariah, the Sweet Freak

Mariah works on Friday's and Saturdays.  She attends Sparta HS and is graduating in 2019!  She recently decorated a wedding cake for her teachers and did awesome! You won't meet anyone with a bigger heart than her!  While sh

Autumn, the Neat Freak

Autumn is our newest employee, and washes those dishes like a ninja!  She's been known to follow Annie around cleaning up her messes as she's still working.   She works during the weekand and on Saturdays.  While s