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Why Choose TwentyOne Cakes? !

Welcome to TwentyOne Cakes! We specialize in unique cakes with a variety of great flavors and choice of decadent fillings. We bake all of our cakes and frostings from scratch and have a delicious flavor you won't find anywhere else! We don't use preservatives in our cakes, and you can pronounce every ingredient!  We aim to please a wide variety of customers...those looking for a specialty themed cake for a wedding, birthday, or shower, or those needing a dozen cupcakes in a fabulous flavor for an afternoon luncheon.  Stop by our shop to enjoy your treat with our free wifi and have a cup of coffee!  

Why are we called TwentyOne Cakes? Well, we offer 21 amazing cake flavors! But it's more than just that. In our family the number 21 is extra special. My son Simon has Down syndrome, which means he has an extra copy of his 21st chromosome. Our family is very involved in the Down syndrome community and it's a goal that through our business, we can help bring acceptance, tolerance, and awareness of Down syndrome to our community.  We also donate a portion of each sale to a local charity, The Down Syndrome Group of the Ozarks.  We're quite proud of our Simon and are happy to answer any questions you have about Down syndrome.  


Meet our Peeps!!!

TwentyOne Cakes wouldn't be able to provide you with our awesome creation without our fabulous team!  

Annie Pope, Chief

Annie is a completely self taught cake decorator.  She took some classes at a local hobby store and another cake shop in Springfield.  She prides herself o

Melanie, Fondant Queen

Melanie is our queen of all things fondant.  From bows and stripes to animals and figurines, this gal has some serious hidden talent.  Each day she surprises us with some hidden talent she has!  Her fondant skills are insane, b

Sam, Jr. Chief

Sam is Annie's youngest daughter.  She runs the counter, bakes cookies and cakes, decorates cupcakes and cleans cleans cleans!!!  She attends Nixa high school and is super busy in the marching band.   


The Simonator

While he doesn't actually work at the shop, he's the inspiration behind TwentyOne Cakes.  This is Simon, he's Annie's youngest son and has been blessed with an extra 21st chromosome.  He's the reason we opened the sho